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Below, you will find copies of presentations from Tech Days 2017. The files are in various formats (text, PDF, PowerPoint, and video) as provided by the presenter(s).

Apple Classroom 2.0 App (Download)
Stephen Pendergraft

Classroom turns your iPad into a powerful teaching assistant, helping faculty and staff guide students through a lesson, see their progress, and keep them on track. With Classroom, you can easily launch the same app on every student device at the same time, or launch a different app for each group of students. Classroom helps faculty and staff focus on teaching so students can focus on learning.

Apple Management with JAMF Pro (Download)
Randy Diddel

An overview of how Workstation Management manages macOS and iOS on the UNM campus.

Auto-Populated Active Directory Groups (Download)
Andrew Hamilton, Linda Johansen

Every night hundreds of Active Directory groups are populated from Banner data. Come learn what they are and how to use them.

Banner 9 Road Map (Download, Video)
Stirling Crow, Nader Khalil

Wondering what’s new in Banner 9 and when UNM will adopt it? We’ll provide an overview of Banner 9 administrative and self-service applications. We’ll also provide a deep dive on how we are approaching the deployment of Banner 9 - Registration.

Campus Assistant: A UNM-Centric Chatbot (Download)
Torran Kahleck

2017 Mobile Apps Contest winner - uses machine learning and voice recognition to deliver campus-related information via a simple user interface. Overview of app and technology used.

Chrome River: Beyond the Basics (Download)
Terry Shoebotham

Beyond the Basics will review UNM’s Chrome River PCard reconciliation and expense reimbursement system. Chrome River design and features will be emphasized, including how to successfully translate them into Banner Finance processes. Best practices will be covered, including report documentation, revising returned submissions, and analytic reporting.

Note: Viewing this presentation will require you to log in. Due to contractual obligations, it is not available for public dissemination. For a video copy of this presentation, please contact Elaine Rising (505-277-1907).

Computer and Internet Access for People with Limited Sight or Hearing Ability or Have An Orthopedic Disability (Download)
Tonia Trapp

How does someone surf the web, send emails, or create documents if they are blind, deaf or have an orthopedic disability? Demonstrations of some popular adaptive software and accessibility features such as JAWS, Dragon, video description, captioning and more.

Computing with CARC Systems (Download)
Patrick Bridges

Current and upcoming Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) systems and architectures, the role of virtualization in HPC, and how to use and support users on CARC systems.

Coordinated Workstation Purchasing (Download)
Kirsten Martinez, Ben Murray

How UNM IT piloted a coordinated workstation purchasing process with IT Officers and utilized workstation standards to gain internal efficiency and realize cost savings.

Creating a Hybrid Cloud Roadmap with Existing Tools (Download)
Luis Avila

Ways and ideas on how to use your existing VMware solutions and hardware to maximize a future transformation.

Designing a Digital Media Classroom (Download)
Kristen Garner

Comprehensive commercial AV design based on typical real-world commercial applications.

Designing New Educational Models in a World of Disruptive Innovation (Download)
Becky Adams, Elisha Allen

Discussion of trends affecting higher education, and technology, pedagogy and programmatic responses to these trends.

Encryption as a Service (Download)
Grace Faustino, John Impallomeni

Overview of the encryption service in development at UNM and the supported products.

Enterprise Apps Roadmap (Download)
Tuan Bui, Nader Khalil, Glenn Nicol

What is up and coming over the next 1-2 years regarding: Upgrades, Banner 9 and other Enterprise projects

Getting Started with UNM Learn (Download)
Becky Adams, Rob Wolf

Learn the basics of using UNM Learn and the extensive Learn tool set for instruction, interaction, assignments and grading for online, hybrid and web-enhanced courses.

How to Find Technology and Wireless Coverage on Campus(Download)
Tuan Bui, Viswanath Nandina

Come see the Tech Finder App with visibility into Wireless Access Points around campus.

How to Protect Your AV Investment (Download)

Open Forum for questions and answers regarding state-of-the-art Academic Technology.

Information Security Incident Response Primer (Download)
Lawrence Alderete, Lucas Walker

What to do, and whom to call when you suspect an incident or breach. Questions, answers, and clarity.

Junk, Spam, Phishing, Getting and Keeping Unwanted E-Mail Out of Your Mailbox (Download)
Scott Parker

UNM IT’s current email anti-Spam environment and feedback mechanism, live examples to identify different types of unwanted messages and how to minimize their effect on your daily routine.

LoboAchieve 2.0: UNM's New Advising Application (Download)
Michael Hickman, Luke Merry

Overview and demo.

Mobile Responsive Admissions Application with Banner Integration (Download)
Richard Valdez

Enrollment Management and IT have collaborated on a new state-of-the-art admissions application that is accessible by desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Come see how it is used and integrated with Banner for use in the admissions decision process.

MyIT: A Road to Enhancing UNM IT Workload Visibility (Download)
Lynn Judkins, Teresa Ramirez

An overview of our workload visibility tool.

Research & Public Service Project (RPSP) - Degree Plans (Download)
Elias Lopez

Roadmaps for Higher Education in New Mexico (RSPS) project allows all NM institutions to publish their degree plans, track progress of students relative to these plans, support transfer articulation and provide analytics regarding student progress and bottlenecks.

SCCM as a Service (Download)
Nathan Acosta, John Reindorp

Brief overview of the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) service model and examples of functionality from current SCCM users.

So You Need a New Application or Functionality? (Download)
Jeff Gassaway, Kirsten Martinez, TJ Martinez, Alesia Torres

Overview of current process steps to procure, secure and engage IT for assistance to implement and support your new application.

Sponsored Projects Dashboard & Technology Tools for Proposal Support (Download(s): FIRST, PIVOT)
Hannah Clark, Monica Fishel, Christine Marquez, Rebecca Rendon de Gonzales, Chris Saxton, Stephanie Tofighi, Tim Wester

Reports and functions available in the OSP Dashboard; Faculty Initiated Research Support Tool (FIRST), used to request support for proposal development, and PIVOT, a tool for finding external funding opportunities.

Success Through Simplicity: Roadmap to Back to Basics and Best Practices (Download)
Ryan Cooper, TJ Martinez

UNM IT’s Service Desk has adopted simplicity in our efforts to improve customer service. Listen to how we are answering calls within 8 seconds and solving problems over the phone 70% of the time.

Team Member Intro to Project Online (Download)
Marcos Abeyta, Gil Garduño, Moira Gerety, Erica Grong, Sridevi Kumaravelu

IT's PMO recently adopted Microsoft Project Online. This session focuses on features which improve the experience for team members including: task views and updates, notifications, integration with O365. You and your manager can now see your total project workload.

UNM Academic Technology Merge and Future Directions (Download)
Elisha Allen

As part of the ongoing UNM IT Effectiveness & Efficiencies initiatives, UNM has merged Extended Learning IT with IT Classroom Technologies to create Academic Technologies. We’ll provide an update on the merge, services offered, and future opportunities and directions.

UNM IT's Project Management Platform (Download)
Marcos Abeyta, Gil Garduño, Moira Gerety, Erica Grong, Sridevi Kumaravelu

Overview of IT’s project management platform, including processes, templates, technology, people and culture. Leveraging O365 stack with Microsoft Project Online, the IT project lifecycle, and improving ROI of tech investments

UNMJobs 2.0 (Video)
Emily Luhman, Jeff O’Keefe

Training/questions answered about the new applicant tracking system.

UNM WiFi Strategy (Download)
Steve Perry

Overview of where we were, where we are, and where we plan to go to support WiFi.

Using Adobe Products for Academic and Student Success (Watch)
Jason Katsoff

Come see a few of the apps included in the Creative Cloud subscription. We will launch the apps and explore their workflow, and see how to harness Behance, Illustrator, Spark and others. Targeted at all levels of familiarity with Adobe, and no laptop or license needed.

Virtualizing the End-User Experience (Download)
Luke Abeling, Ray Dennis, Andrew Hamilton

Pushing efficiency to the boundary.

"What's in Your Waffle?" (Video)
Anthony Ferrari, Dale Perrigo

O365: Overview of; Best Practices for working in the Cloud; Skype; OneNote and digital inking; Newer elements including Delve, Sway, Yammer.