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Wireless Improvement 2020: Planning for Outdoor Coverage

Adiel Sanchez, Core IT Services Specialist, IT Data Networks, UNM IT

8:30AM — 9:00 AM MDT

The UNM IT Networks team was tasked with providing outdoor wireless coverage at certain UNM parking lots to help supplement free network connectivity to UNM and APS students that do not have internet at home. This needed to be provided in an area where the users can benefit while maintaining social distancing recommendations. The UNM Wireless and Facilities Teams worked together to plan the location of and install the wireless access points.

Adobe Lightroom

Mary Elkins, Instructor, Continuing Education, UNM

9:00AM — 10:00 AM MDT

Now that you have had enough time to explore the capabilities of your mobile phone camera, how about learning what Lightroom can do to improve your favorite pics? Do you have difficulties finding that once in a life time image on your phone, take advantage of the superb cataloging capabilities of the LightRoom. It is easy, it’s fun and you can even use LR on your phone.

Kanban for IT Service Management (Cherwell)

Cherwell Software, LLC / StrataCom, Inc.

9:00AM — 10:00 AM MDT

Kanban is a visual board for managing development work as it moves through the development process. Kanban visualizes the process and workflow as well as the actual work moving through that process. The goal of Kanban is to identify potential bottlenecks in your process and fix them so work can flow through it cost-effectively at an optimal efficiency. This presentation will showcase the Kanban solution for Cherwell Software.

Registration is Required.

Microsoft Teams for Remote Work

Jennifer Bucich, Modern Workplace Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

9:00AM — 10:00 AM MDT

Teams across the globe are moving to remote work. In this session you will learn how Microsoft aims to keep teams connected while they work apart by utilizing Microsoft Teams. We will demonstrate how Teams allows you to chat, meet, call, learn, and collaborate all in one place.

KEYNOTE: How Technology is Enabling UNM to Meet the Needs of the Future

Teresa Costantinidis, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, UNM
James Holloway, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, UNM
IT Officer Panelists

10:00AM — 11:00 AM MDT

How academic and administrative units adapted to rapid technology change to meet the needs of its students, faculty, and staff.


  • Greg Gaillard, Associate Director, Campus Outreach & Engagement, UNM IT
  • Carree Connelly, IT Officer, Campus Outreach & Engagement, UNM IT
  • Brian Kimura, IT Officer, College of Fine Arts, UNM
  • Sean Smock, IT Officer, Anderson School of Management, UNM
  • Sridevi Kumaravelu, IT Officer, Campus Outreach & Engagement, UNM IT
  • Benjamin Murray, IT Officer, School of Engineering, UNM IT

E-mail any feedback, questions, or comments for this session to itevents@unm.edu

Adobe Photoshop

Mary Elkins, Instructor, Continuing Education, UNM

11:00AM — 12:00 PM MDT

Adobe’s mantra is "TAKE IT/MAKE IT". Photoshop is a powerful software program for image manipulation. This introductory session will show some of its amazing capabilities which will transform your images from “OK” to “Wonderful”. My discussion begin with the process of how to analyze photos. We will explore the capabilities of several PS tools and familiarize you with the workspace of PhotoShop.

Strategic Planning for the Fall and Winter 2020: an IT Capability View

Christina Rinaldi, Managing Partner, Gartner Consulting

11:00AM — 12:00 PM MDT

Disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will redefine the “new normal” – and yet this still remains unknown. Planning for Fall and Winter 2020 remains that much more challenging. University leaders, including those from IT, have been immediately addressing the operational crisis since March. Leaders must also ensure they can deliver flexible services for the long term. This is a game changing opportunity for IT to accelerate digital transformation within its institution.

Saving Time with Adobe Sign!

Alex Wrigley, Strategic Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Adobe
Steve Spence, Core IT Services Manager, Applications, UNM IT
Yvetta Reddic, Programmer Analyst 2, Applications, UNM IT

12:00PM — 1:00 PM MDT

Learn how to save time and digitize your manual workflows for routing forms and getting signatures!


  • Sending a form for signature.
  • Signing electronically.
  • Webforms
  • Workflows
  • Microsoft/Adobe Sign Integration Features

IT Voice Support — Lessons Learned during COVID-19

Mark S. Reynolds, Associate Director, IT Networks, UNM IT

12:00PM — 1:00 PM MDT

This presentation is to show the lessons learned for the University-UH-HSC Voice services during COVID-19 and the future discussions around that delivery.

Productivity Across the Campus with Acrobat Pro DC

Donna Caldwell, Senior Solutions Consultant Education, Adobe

1:00PM — 2:00 PM MDT

An Adobe PDF is much more than a document destined for the print queue. When it comes to creating and enabling a PDF with underlying “intelligence,” Acrobat stands alone in improving educational processes across the campus. From creating research proposals and assembling instructional materials, to improving processes involving collaboration and rich media integration, Acrobat is the most versatile tool.

Watch Recording:

Using RMarkdown to Tell Data Stories

Monte-Angel Richardson, Institutional Researcher, UNM

1:00PM — 2:00 PM MDT

RMarkdown is a feature in R Studio that allows data scientists to share a narrative about their data and analyses. This presentation will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use RMarkdown to present data, graphs, and narratives around results. We will use a base R package to tell a story using data. Once complete, we will go over how to publish RMarkdowns online using the Knit feature of R Studio, allowing users to publish their first RMarkdown on the internet.

Microsoft Teams for IT Pros

Garrett Chandler, Modern Workplace Technical Specialist, Microsoft Corporation
Steve Spence, Core IT Services Manager, Applications, UNM IT

2:00PM — 3:00 PM MDT

Microsoft Teams is built on the Office 365 hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud, delivering the advanced security and compliance capabilities our customers expect. In this session you will learn about the lifecycle management, security, governance, and compliance features for Teams to best ensure safety and security while working from home.

Using your Phone and Computer to Quickly and Easily Capture and Edit Video

Donna Caldwell, Senior Solutions Consultant Education, Adobe
Chris Paul, Cinematographer, POV Inc.

2:00PM — 3:00 PM MDT

It has never been easier to capture video footage from your smartphone. This session will begin with some tips and tricks for getting the best possible audio and video from your phone. Then learn how to ingest video directly into Adobe Premiere Rush and easily edit your video clips using professional features without any previous video editing experience. Share from the app to anywhere, including social channels like YouTube, Facebook, and lnstagram.


Bonnie Minkus-Holmes, Consultant, Employee and Organizational Development, UNM

2:00PM — 3:00 PM MDT

This presentation will show strategies and tools to conduct engaging and productive remote meetings. We discuss the new mindset necessary to engage team members remotely. We also look at tools within Zoom that can increase involvement, productivity and participation in remote meetings

Take your Adobe Premiere Rush Projects to the Next Level Including Migrating Your Project to Premiere Pro

Donna Caldwell, Senior Solutions Consultant Education, Adobe
Chris Paul, Cinematographer, POV Inc.

3:00PM — 4:00 PM MDT

During this session, learn how to do more with your Adobe Rush projects including migrating your Rush project to Premiere Pro. The session introduces additional Premiere Rush features. Additionally, learn how to migrate your project to Premiere Pro in order to fix common problems like bad color or noisy audio. Get introduced to more advanced techniques such as doing Ken Burns effects on photos, editing multiple cameras, and using chroma keying.

VDI/Lobo Virtual Desktops

Luke Abeling, System Specialist, Enterprise Managed Systems and Services, UNM IT

3:00PM — 4:00 PM MDT

What is Lobo Virtual Desktops? Powered by Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Lobo Virtual Desktops is a virtualization service that runs on the cloud presenting Application and Desktop resources remotely. WVD allows you to securely access UNM desktop applications from your own, personal device without actually installing the apps or investing in specialized hardware. You can access applications anywhere you have internet connectivity (home, dorm, coffee shop). Join us to learn more!

Featured Presentations & Webinars

Through the UNM Bookstore’s Inclusive Access Program, we can ensure learning continuity while providing students with enhanced study features at the most affordable price. Watch this session to learn more about Inclusive Access, the benefits of digital content delivery, and how you can convert upcoming courses into the program.

Learn how Cherwell Service Management 10.0 will dramatically improve IT efficiency and employee productivity. CSM 10.0 introduces expanded channels, new models of collaboration, and ground-breaking machine learning and natural language processing technology powered by IBM’s Watson.

Learn how to fill out PDF forms, sign them, and send a copy to others.

Video tutorial for viewing in advance of Tech Days live presentation.

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Apple has launched a series of virtual workshops focused on helping students (and instructors) learn tips, tricks, and tools to enhance the remote learning experience. Join us to hear from Campus Reps to learn tips, tricks, and tools that will enhance your remote learning and teaching experience.

This series is presented by the Apple Education Leadership and Learning teams. Each video is designed to help educators use Apple products and their built-in features to enable remote learning for all students.

The Apple Education Learning Series is now available to support schools and educators with remote learning resources. This series is presented by the Apple Education Leadership and Learning teams. Each video is designed to help educators use the built-in features of their Apple products to enable remote learning for all students.

Unfortunately, ransomware isn’t going anywhere – not when attackers are still enjoying success with new variants and delivery models. If anything, ransomware seems to be even more prevalent in the public sector, with hackers having successfully targeted multiple state and local governments – as well as higher education institutions – with increasingly sophisticated exploits. As your attack surface increases, how can you successfully defend against evolving attacks? We can help you stay ahead of persistent threats and show you what you’ll need to complete your modern ransomware strategy.

Registration is Required.

BGP Routing and Configuration

Edward May, Core IT Services Specialist, Data Networks Group, UNM IT

Many of the research partners use this routing protocol for connectivity to UNM/ABQG and through to Internet2 and other Research Institutions around the nations. We currently peer with CENIC, Cal-REN, Internet2, Level3(historical), Centurylink for upstream Internet and Research Internet connectivity. In addition we peer locally with CABQ, DoIT, CNM, NMHU, NMCC, Navajo Tech, LoboNet, Plateau, NMSU, NMT, ESnet, and others. I will go over basic configuration, connectivity, tools.

Brightlink Basics  

EPSON America, Inc.

No description provided.

Learn how Cherwell Service Management 10.0 will dramatically improve IT efficiency and employee productivity. CSM 10.0 introduces expanded channels, new models of collaboration, and ground-breaking machine learning and natural language processing technology powered by IBM’s Watson.

Higher Education CIOs will facilitate a conversation on strategies for shifting to remote teaching and learning environments.

Panelists: Curt Carver, Chief Information Officer, University of Alabama at Birmingham Helen Norris, Chief Information Officer, Chapman University Mary Walsh, Chief Information Officer, University of Kansas Facilitator: Chris Wessells and Adrienne Garber, Senior Higher Education Strategists Date: April 8, 2020

This CIO Roundtable chat will focus on where colleges and universities are now – two months into the current environment.

Panelists: Charles Edamala, CTO and Associate Vice President, Administrative Technologies (AT), Illinois State University Harper Johnson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO, University of Colorado Colorado Springs Facilitator: Danielle Rourke, Higher Education Strategist, Dell Technologies Date: May 6, 2020

Join Dell Technologies in this webinar to hear from university CISOs on their perspectives of current and emerging trends in Cyber Security.

Speakers: Ashley Ewing, CISO, University of Alabama Bob Turner, CISO, University of Wisconsin-Madison Chris Wessells, Senior Higher Education Strategist, Dell Technologies February 13, 2020

DrugCentralDb and BioClients: Dockerized PostgreSql with Python API-tizer

Jeremy Yang, Senior Research Scientist, Department of Internal Medicine, UNM

DrugCentralDb, a biomedical research database developed at UNM and widely used by drug discovery scientists, has been Dockerized and deployed via AWS EC2. Additionally, we have developed a Python package BioClients, with module 'drugcentral' API for DrugCentral. Source code and Docker image are available via GitHub and DockerHub, respectively. These tools are new and in testing, with full release planned for later in 2020.

No description provided.

Everything You Need to Know About LoboVirtualDesktop VDI at UNM

Neil Sabol, Core IT Services Specialist, Enterprise Managed Systems and Services, UNM IT

This is a 30-minute, pre-recorded presentation for anyone (technical or non-technical) who is interested in the future of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or LoboVirtualDesktop at The University of New Mexico. This exciting new service will be available for consumption this summer (2020). We will discuss the past and future state of VDI and walk through the Microsoft Remote Desktop client install/config and basic usage (on macOS).

Everything You Want to Know About Authentication at UNM

Neil Sabol, Core IT Services Specialist, Enterprise Managed Systems and Services, UNM IT

This is a 50-minute, pre-recorded presentation for anyone (technical or non-technical) who is interested in the future of authentication (true single-sign-on/SSO and multifactor authentication/MFA) at The University of New Mexico. There are exciting improvements on the horizon! We will discuss the current and future state of SSO and MFA and walk through some useful tips and tricks surrounding Azure MFA.

Adobe Spark allows everyone to make graphics, web pages, and videos with ease for social, coursework, and clubs.

Items to consider when purchasing a projector, such as budget, brightness, resolution, laser vs lamp, application, IE: Does it need to be interactive. Questions to ask before you purchase.


EPSON America, Inc.

How to Wirelessly connect and manage up to 50 devices simultaneously on your projector and display content from up to four devices at a time on the screen.

Kanban for Cherwell

Cherwell Software, LLC / StrataCom, Inc.

StrataCom’s Kanban Boards For Cherwell allow you to turn any Cherwell query into a fully functional Kanban board with Drag-and-drop functionality, swim lanes, card editing, multi-select capabilities and more.

How to manage and control projectors more effectively in multiple education environments.

Pluralsight and Microsoft have partnered to help you become an expert in Azure. With skill assessments and over 200+ courses, 40+ Skill IQs and 8 Role IQs, you can focus your time on understanding your strengths and skill gaps and learn Azure as quickly as possible.

Registration is Required.

The content covers best practices using Microsoft Teams as the digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place. Learn how IT can enable these capabilities for users while maintaining the necessary configurations to align with required organizational business and security requirements. Hosted directly by the Microsoft Teams Product Group.

Registration is Required.

Using Data Visualizations for Grant Proposals and Evaluations

Heather Mechler, Director, Office of Institutional Analytics, UNM

In this presentation, participants will learn about how to use data visualizations created in Tableau to extract data and graphics when gathering data for grant proposals or evaluations. No prior experience using Tableau is required, and all the resources mentioned in the presentation are publicly available.

What is Next for Schools & Universities?

Johann Zimmern, Sr. Manager, Education Solutions, Aruba

Although eLearning and distance learning isn’t new, universities and schools are scaling quickly to enable teaching and learning from home. Institutions need to continually think about best solutions for ensuring high-quality education and how to pivot quickly for the “next-gen” delivery mode. This session will review where we are today, solutions that can help organizations, and enabling either in-person or online learning.

Registration is Required.

WiFi 6 — June Updates — Aruba

Geeta Kulkarni, Technical Marketing Engineer, WLAN Competitive Team, Aruba

WiFi 6 enhancements, benefits, and advantages of Aruba WiFi 6 certified APs.

WiFi 6

Chuck Lukaszewski, Vice President, Wireless Strategy & Standards, CTO Office, Aruba

Chuck Lukaszewski from HPe/Aruba's CTO office discusses WiFi6 during the wirelessLAN Professionals Conference (WLPC) in Phoenix. The presentation provides an update to 6 GHz, the current landscape, and the regulatory & legislative roadmaps.

Working and Learning from Home

Klaus Mueller, Director of Solutions Engineering, ANM

As we all adapt to working and learning from home, users and network admins need to consider how to scale and secure remote access solutions. This webinar provides an overview of common types of virtual private networks (VPNs) and considerations users and admins should address to ensure these can be used securely.

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