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Featuring Live, Hand-Drawn Notetaking for the following sessions:

  • Campus Cybersecurity Trends and Challenges in Higher Education
  • Successful Women in Technology – The Journey
  • A Year in Review: an Open Mic Session with the CIO

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(Please be aware that all live presentations will be recorded. Please contact itevents@unm.edu with questions or concerns.)

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Automated UNM Retro Degree Printing Process using Oracle APEX

Rajkumar Pandi, Programmer Analyst II, UNM Enrollment Management Reporting

10:30AM — 11:30 AM MDT

UNM's Enrollment Management Reporting office used Oracle APEX, a low code/RAD tool, to automate all the approval and denial process of a student's retro degree by various departments using AJAX callbacks and dynamic actions. This presentation will review on how we completely changed the complicated process that was based on pen-paper for a single retro degree of a UNM student to a complete automated process where a retro degree can be added/removed with a single click using Oracle APEX.

IT Apps - Student Related Projects

Stirling Crow, IT Project Manager, UNM IT Applications
Randall Johnson, Programmer Analyst 3, UNM IT Applications
Anne Kirk, IT Project Manager, UNM IT Applications

10:30AM — 11:30 AM MDT

The IT Applications Department at UNM has been working on many projects that will benefit our students. This presentation will provide an overview of two recent implementations (Tuition Calculator and the Student Guide) along with one upcoming implementation (College Scheduler, a schedule planning tool).

Concerns Regarding Accessible Documents? Make Them Conformant with Adobe Acrobat

Donna Caldwell, Senior Solutions Consultant, Adobe

1:00PM — 2:00 PM MDT

Making PDF documents accessible is important, and can be a daunting task when you don’t know what tools are available and which is the best one to use.

Data & Analytics in Higher Education using Teams and Power B1

Jennifer Bucich, Modern Workplace Specialist, Microsoft
John Callahan, Data & AI Specialist, Microsoft

1:00PM — 2:00 PM MDT

Are you having trouble identifying when students need help? Want the ability to accurately pinpoint why a student is at risk not to graduate so you can provide proactive assistance? In this session you'll learn how to track this through Teams & PowerBI.

Adobe Sign: Leave paper behind and make life easier for everyone using multi-signer web forms!

Alex Wrigley, Customer Success Manager, Adobe
Steve Spence, Manager, IT Applications Support, UNM Information Technologies

2:00PM — 3:00 PM MDT

Let us show you how to take 10 minutes with Adobe Sign web forms to digitize an old, paper-based process, saving time and money. Digital, contactless, dynamic workflows using Adobe Sign webforms deliver self-initiated, modern & mobile signing experiences.

Modern Classrooms & Conference Rooms in a Post-COVID world

Mitch Pierce, Surface Specialist, Microsoft
Red Thread, Microsoft

2:00PM — 3:00 PM MDT

The way we work and learn is changing. Join us to learn how to bring groups together from anywhere with Modern Classrooms and Conference Rooms in a post COVID world.

The Future of Configuration & Asset Management @ UNM

Mike McMullen, Senior Solution Architect, Cherwell Software LLC
Jeremy Riddle, Account Executive, UNM Information Technologies
TJ Martinez, Director, Customer Support Services, UNM Information Technologies

10:30AM — 11:30 AM MDT

Providing UNM technology investment information to make educated business decision and maximize technology investments.

Zero Trust Access

Ryan Woodard, Director of Information Security, Information Security (ANM)

10:30AM — 11:30 AM MDT

In this session, we will discuss securing the workforce, the workplace, and workloads. Everyday end users bring their own devices, or the business is attaching new, and potentially risky devices to the network. What is the context of each request? Who is

The Importance of Communicating Visually

Donna Caldwell, Senior Solutions Consultant, Adobe
Jason Katsoff, Senior Customer Success Manager, Adobe

1:00PM — 2:00 PM MDT

Stock imagery is an essential part of visual communication in design, businesses large and small, and education, used in everything from websites and advertising, to financial reports and mobile applications to blog posts and research publications. UNM’s investment in Adobe Stock can enable you to bring just the right image into a communication piece. Learn to effectively search and use Adobe Stock content.

Extreme Project Management Efficiency with MS Teams (Session 1)

Jason Krueger, PMP, IT Project Manager, UNM IT Infrastructure

1:00PM — 2:00 PM MDT

Are your project docs a bit disorganized? Does your team have a hard time keeping track of meeting notes, emails, tasks, and due dates? Learn how to structure MS Teams, along with several other useful applications, to immediately organize all your project notes, files, communications, work, and tasks into one simple system of efficiency!! Easily replicate this system time after time, with each new project! It’s a "can't miss session" if you manage one project a year, or many!

Research Challenge Lobby: An In-House Designed Virtual Event Site

Karen Kinsman, MS, PMP, Director/Sr. Program Manager, UNM STEM-H Center
Laura Arguelles, MA, Web Developer, UNM STEM-H Center

2:00PM — 3:00 PM MDT

What do you mean your virtual event platform costs $27,000? As we headed into 2021, we knew we needed an engaging virtual platform for at least our largest competition, Central NM STEM Research Challenge & couldn’t afford the commercial options. So, we created an in-house solution which was wildly popular! Come tour the 2021 RC Virtual Lobby, find out about our initial planning, design process, other integrated platforms, and some of the cool technical back-end details! The RC Virtual Lobby was such a success we are already planning to resurrect it in 2022 alongside our in-person events.

Extreme Project Management Efficiency with MS Teams (Session 2)

Jason Krueger, PMP, IT Project Manager, UNM IT Infrastructure

2:00PM — 3:00 PM MDT

As a follow-on to Level 1, this deeper-dive for more advanced project managers will show how to integrate templates, utilize Planner in a more advanced way, and introduce MS Project for Teams, to very quickly produce work breakdown structures, schedules, timelines, resource plans and other products to help keep more complicated projects within scope, on schedule, and within budget. (Note: Lucid Chart, a templating software, will be introduced but this software is not currently enterprise-licensed. Requires subsequent purchase, if desired).

Campus Cybersecurity Trends and Challenges in Higher Education

Christine Trujillo, Dell Technologies
Chris Wessells, High Education Senior Strategist, Dell Technologies
Jerry Jalaba, Security Specialist, Dell Technologies
Nate Dallimore, VMware Carbon Black Specialist
Jared Whitehurst, Data Protection & Cyber Resiliency, Dell Technologies

9:00AM — 10:00 AM MDT

Designed as a conversational session with some scripted questions, the goal is to have dialog among the panelists, describing big challenges and best practices in higher education cybersecurity. Colleges and universities safeguard a wealth of sensitive data. That expanse of data has grown significantly. Providing safe and secure virtual environments is paramount for today’s higher ed institutions, and a comprehensive cybersecurity plan is vital for colleges and universities of all sizes.

Improve Reading by Giving the Reader Control Over the Formatting of the Text

Rick Treitman, Entrepreneur in Residence, Adobe
Donna Caldwell, Senior Solutions Consultant, Adobe

9:00AM — 10:00 AM MDT

Only 1/3 of American students read proficiently. 54% of American adults read below the 6th grade level. offers Liquid Mode in Acrobat Reader, with controls for not only reflowing the PDF on the mobile screen, but giving the reader control over the formatting of the text so that they may customize their reading experience. When any reader has the option to use a custom reading format, their reading improves.

UNM WIT Panel Discussion: Successful Women in Technology – The Journey

Kirsten Martinez, Fiscal Operations Director, UNM Information Technologies
Desiree Aguilar, Programmer Analyst 3, UNM Information Technologies

10:00AM — 11:00 AM MDT

Meet and be a part of this interactive panel discussion spotlighting successful Women in Technology. Learn about their journey, hurdles and how they climbed to the ranks in Technology they are today.

Also, come learn more about UNM WIT; become a part of this dynamic group of people working to empower and support Professional Women in IT! WIT Board – Alesia Torres, Desiree Aguilar, Grace Faustino, Jennie Wong, Kirsten Martinez, Sridevi Kumaravelu

Creating Engaging Presentations using Adobe XD

Donna Caldwell, Senior Solutions Consultant, Adobe

10:00AM — 11:00 AM MDT

Design like you always imagined. Share your story with elegant designs which animate, branch nonlinearly (no more linear click-thru slideware!) and more —in one design tool that runs on Mac and Windows.

A Year in Review: an Open Mic Session with the CIO

Duane Arruti, Chief Information Officer, UNM Information Technologies

11:00AM — 12:00 PM MDT

Join the whole community to hear about the technological advances and accomplishments of the last year, and how the pandemic response has forever transformed UNM for the better! Participate in an 'open mic' feedback session where you can ask questions, hear other’s concerns and feedback, and have an informal exchange directly with the CIO.

Campus Transformation: Northwestern University

Keerti Melkote, Founder, President of Aruba, Aruba

Learn about the challenges of adjusting to distance learning and hybrid work as Aruba’s President and Founder Keerti Melkote talks with Northwestern University’s Associate Director, Telecommunications and Network Services, Julie Koh.

Create and Share Presentations and Demos

Nia Ujamaa, Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Apple Professional Learning

Presenting information in compelling ways is even more important when you’re not able to be face-to-face with your students. In this video we’ll show you how to use iPad built-in features to create demos and instructional videos and share them.

Cybersecurity Transformation in Higher Education

Chris Wessells, Senior Higher Education Strategist, Dell Technologies

Colleges and universities safeguard a wealth of sensitive data regarding students and faculty, campus infrastructure, financial information and much more. That expanse of data has grown significantly in recent years, even as cyberattacks are increasing in volume and sophistication, making it more difficult for higher education institutions to protect sensitive personal information and institutional data.

The ongoing global health crisis has made it even more challenging for universities to maintain a secure environment. IT departments may not be sufficiently resourced and funded to keep up with digital threats and may lack a comprehensive approach to ensuring optimal security. Providing safe and secure virtual environments is paramount for today’s higher education institutions, and a comprehensive cybersecurity plan is vital for colleges and universities of all sizes.

AOS10 provides support across the lifecycle from deployment to maintenance to troubleshooting. Enterprises can deploy tunnel, bridge, or hybrid models and upgrade with zero downtime—whether in a controller or controller-less environment.

Discover AppleSeed for IT and Managed Software updates

Jared Jones, Installation and Software Update Engineering, Apple Developer Conference

With AppleSeed for IT, you can help your school or business test pre-release versions of Apple software and provide valuable feedback directly to Apple. We'll guide you through getting started in AppleSeed for IT and how to file great feedback.

Grant Writing: Finding the Data you Need

Valerie Martinez, Enrollment Management Reporting

Filling out grant applications can be very time consuming, especially trying to locate the data required for submission. Learn how to leverage the Guided Adhoc Reports in MyReports to get the data you need.

MFA/SSO Update 2021 (and what Neil lied about last year)

Neil Sabol, Enterprise Managed Systems and Services

This is a 20-minute, pre-recorded presentation for anyone (technical or non-technical) who is interested in the outcomes and benefits of the multi-factor authentication and single sign on rollouts UNM IT has performed over the previous year.

Join us for a deep dive into Aruba Central On-Premises, a next-gen management solution that brings the resiliency and agility of cloud-native software to on-prem IT. Learn how to unlock higher efficiency with a modern UI, cloud-like workflows.

Smarter, faster, engaging, and actionable learning experiences with NEC CLOUD SERVICES. Flexible solution options that allow educators to move beyond traditional stand and deliver instruction and embrace more engaging teaching methods, especially in these uncertain and challenging times.

PDF Accessibility Series

Rob Haverty, Senior Product Manager (Accessibility), Adobe

Make your PDF documents accessible. Remote work and the proliferation of screen-based devices makes accessibility a more important concern than ever. Learn the basics and beyond in this multi-part webinar series. Practice files included.

Prepare for the Arrival of 6 GHz and Wi-Fi 6E

Chuck Lukaszewski, Chief Wireless Technologist, Aruba

Join us for a global regulatory update and gain greater understanding of Wi-Fi 6E, including use cases, certification, and dimensioning the wired Edge for 6 GHz APs, plus how Wi-Fi 6E capable clients associate with 6 GHz APs.

SKC Headsets 101 for the University of New Mexico

Shannon Holmes, Account Manager, SKC Communications

Join SKC, Epos/Sennheiser, and Poly to learn about university-recommended headsets and pucks. You will hear from Poly and Epos/Sennheiser; and agnostic industry experts from SKC.

The State of DevOps - Optimizing for Speed

Michael Johnson, Deputy CTO NetApp, NetApp

The world is rapidly changing and adopting to new technologies is the key to success. Learn how DevOps teams are optimizing for speed to scale their organization's services and business.

Learn how to incorporate UXI’s network monitoring, app monitoring, & AIOps capabilities into your network operations workflows. Learn about powerful use cases on how UXI & Aruba Central can help improve your user experience by improving issue detection.

Aruba cloud-based AOS 10 architecture, the single pane of glass, and different types of deployments and design. We will also cover: a comparison of AOS 10 and AOS 8, communication between APs and gateway clusters, and different types of SSID modes.

Your Journey, Your Edge: How Edge-to-Cloud Powers Transformation

Keerti Melkote, Founder, President of Aruba, Aruba

We are entering the era of edge-to-cloud where Edge network services work with cloud services to support work-from-anywhere, distributed centers of data, new IoT-driven business models, & user experiences.

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