Building a Practical, Action-Oriented Smart Campus Strategy and Roadmap

John Thompson-Haas, Anna Winskill / Gartner


To stay competitive in attracting students means providing them with the technology tools they have come to expect in their interactions with the commercial sector and via social media. Students are embracing ‘smart’ solutions where they live and where they work and campuses must adapt to provide not just the experience but the service to its students, faculty and staff. By creating a campus that is responsive to the needs and interests of students, universities can create an environment that is not only conducive to student success, but also an innovative channel for information delivery where students can pay tuition, join collaborative teams, schedule appointments, network with alumni, and thrive in a digital ecosystem. Technology has finally grown beyond being viewed as simply an enabling function and is now considered a core capability, one which is woven into the connective tissue of how every university provides service.

This session will provide some lessons learned from other universities and government organizations on how to approach building a practical, action-oriented smart campus strategy and roadmap, and demystify what it really means to be “smart”.

5G: What is It, and Why Do We Care?

Brian Zulfelt / UNM COSMIAC


Mobile communications went digital and gave birth to the “wireless web” in the mid 90’s. Since then, every new mobile phone purchase has involved weeding through new terms like 3G, 4G, LTE, and now 5G. Faster speeds have shortened download times for music, videos, and games, and now our “phones” have become “our world in our pockets”. You may have noticed that the latest 5th generation of the mobile communication standard is receiving far more press than previous generations. It is true that 5G will provide even faster speeds, but that is not the whole story. Autonomous vehicles, augmented reality headsets, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), and sensors that lead to the creation of “Smart Cities” are only a few examples of the vast array of new markets and services that will be possible with 5G. This presentation will provide a complete examination of the differences between previous mobile communication standards and the new 5G standard. We will explore the new possibilities created by a 5G network, and highlight the coming revolutionary impact on our daily lives.

(Note: The above presentation contains videos, which are not available in the PDF version of this presentation. If you wish to download the full PowerPoint [approx. 635MB], click here.)


ABQG Business Operations

Henrietta Vigil, Paul Chang / UNM IT Data Networks


Since 2007, the University of New Mexico’s Albuquerque GigaPoP (UNM-ABQG) has been providing data networking across New Mexico, linking researchers and educators to their partners while advancing New Mexico’s multi-institutional collaborations, computing resources and big data access. This presentation will focus on the business practice and partnership of ABQG, and how the shared network infrastructure will enable further upgrades and enhancements of the member-driven Albuquerque GigaPoP.

Affirmed Name Initiative Updates and Rollouts

Frankie Flores / LGBTQ Resource Center


The LGBTQ Resource Center has been working with numerous organizations on the Affirmed Name Initiative. The last of the rollouts will be going live and this session will have the latest updates and will also be a forum for people to ask questions. This session will go over the importance of pronouns, ways to ask for them, and how this initiative is making the UNM campus safer for all students.

AI Edge Analytics

John Isaac Lee, Andrew Buttress / Sony IPSA


Sony Edge Analytics Appliance creates impactful video presentation content that previously would have required significant time, expense, and human resource to produce. With Artificial Intelligence-led technology, the REA-C1000 vastly improves the quality of communication by empowering the presenter to deliver content and to engage their audience like never before.

Analyze Data using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Student Success and Digital Transformation

Santosh Rao, Sandra Nicholson, Tyler Wagenseller / NetApp


Learn how to perform analytics on Production, DR, and Archived data using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help determine Students Success and help UNM with Digital Transformation using NetApp Technology.

An In-depth Look at Today’s Threat Landscape

John Daly, Chris Kirk, Ryan Sullivan / Aquila


Phishing attacks such as credential phishing, long lining, spear phishing and whaling have substantially increased and evolved. Creators of the widely distributed annual Human Threat Report, join us to hear about trends highlighted in that report through a people-centric lens. Global trends and observations will be paired with actionable recommendations, ensuring your organization is ready to anticipate and defend against the most dangerous threats of tomorrow.

Banner 9 Program

Nader Khalil, Stirling Crow, Greg Gómez, Dhrubo Saha / UNM IT Applications


2018 saw major changes to Banner, and more changes will come this year. IT Applications will provide an update on the deployment of the new Banner 9 Forms and Banner 9 Self-Service Applications. We will also present an overview on the Banner 9 Self-Service applications to be deployed soon. Finally, we will provide a status on current DevOps efforts that will allow IT Applications to create custom applications (using the Laravel PHP framework) that can pull from and update data in Banner.

Business Intelligence on a Budget

Brittany Babycos / UNM Gallup


For higher education institutions, part of remaining viable means staying abreast of current and projected data. However, deciding which data to use and how to organize it can be quite challenging, especially when coupled with budget constraints. This presentation will show you how UNM-Gallup is using Excel, Banner data, and free online resources to create a business intelligent dashboard for all.

Dell Technologies Edge/Core/Cloud Solutions as they Relate to UNM IT’s Mission for a Digital Future

Christine Trujillo, Bryan Akers, Kevin Burchette / Dell Technologies


Presenting on future technology and Dell’s vision for managing, protecting and securing data. Dell and SecureWorks to lead conversation around secure technology solutions, data security management and integration of the Dell Technologies portfolio in order to provide effective technology solutions that meet the needs of the UNM IT vision.

Edit Photos with Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud

Mary Elkins / UNM Continuing Education


Do you want the ability to work with your photos anywhere? Lightroom gives you everything you need to edit, organize, store, and share your photos across desktop, mobile, and web. Adjust your full-resolution shots and have both your originals and edits backed up to the Cloud. Share your photographs with loved ones, clients, or an even bigger audience. Post photos directly to social sites.

Enhancing Collaborative Education through Interactive and Immersive Technology

Ron Sutton / Advanced Presentation Systems


For most people learning happens faster and more completely if the environment supports high levels of interaction. Emerging AV technologies offer exciting and immersive ways for students to engage in active learning. These include Bring Your Own Device, as well as permanently mounted in-room touchscreen monitor and projector capabilities. Advanced Presentation Systems will be presenting information and demonstrating system components that support these capabilities.

Enhancing Research through Cloud Computing

Tyler Farmer / Microsoft


Discuss the power of cloud computing and how other universities are using Microsoft Azure to enhance research, allowing them do things faster as well as giving them capabilities that have not been possible before. We’ll first set the baseline of what Azure is then expand into possibilities that most are not even aware of yet. We’ll discuss Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet-of-Things as well as cognitive functions such as facial and emotion recognition, and much more.

HTTP Refresher and REST Primer

Greg Gómez / UNM IT Applications


REST has become a hot topic lately, although it’s been around for quite some time. In this presentation I will provide an introduction to one of the core technologies that the web relies upon, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and it’s relationship to Representational State Transfer (REST). Some knowledge of both is useful to developers, admins and managers, and is essential to creating a DevOps culture.

How UNM eSports has Leveraged Existing IT Solutions for Success

Bernardo J. Gallegos, Steven Mejia, Deiter Hanbicki / UNM


How UNM Esports leveraged current solutions in the UNM IT ecosystem to poise itself as a historic new way for Student Gamers to compete in a new global industry. Attracting campus wide buy-in, growing membership; and examining how new ideas go from analog to digital expanse with existing toolsets, creative direction, and a growing demographic.

Infrastructure Automation (vRA and Infrastructure as Code)

Ray Dennis, Damion Terrell / UNM IT Applications


UNM IT uses vRealize Automation to provide templated VMs which include current security OS updates and backups in LoboCloud. The next frontier is to provide further automation for advanced self-service deployments. Current technologies could provide scalable, load balanced, VM application stacks. These can be deployed as simply as drag and drop or triggered automatically by a custom event (like committing code). This presentation will explore a proof of concept utilizing UNM-IT technologies.

Introduction to Container Technology for Network and Systems Administration Teams

Ian Logan, Klaus Mueller / ANM


Explore why Container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes are becoming more important for developers, systems and network administration teams. We will primarily focus on what deployment models for this technology looks like for both systems and networking teams. Additionally, we will look at free resources that are available for getting started with this technology.

Malware with a Business Plan

Jason Mauchley, Robert Fischer / Palo Alto


Please join the Palo Alto Networks team in a discussion on how threat actor groups and criminals make money. Additionally, we will look at some of the tools and solutions that these criminals use.

Microsoft Teams for Higher Education: The Digital Hub for Communication, Collaboration, and Confident Engagement

Jennifer Bucich / Microsoft


Microsoft Teams is a free app for Higher Education giving colleges and universities a single hub to collaborate real-time on documents, chat, meet online and integrate with educational apps. In this session we will showcase how educators, students, and researchers can leverage this amazing tool on any device.

Next Generation Media and Collaborative Apps

Dean Bernardone / UNM IT Academic Technologies


Learn about our efforts to improve, simplify, and expand the availability of lecture capture, live meeting, and self-managed media creation and delivery services to support next generation learners (and teachers) at UNM.

Office 365 Online Protection Improvements for 2019

Scott Parker / UNM IT Platforms EMSS


Microsoft has enhanced the suite of on-line protection capabilities for Office 365. We will discuss how these have been incorporated in to LoboMail and changes users will see in alerts and feedback for the coming semester.

Powering Digital Transformation in Smart Cities, Buildings and Universities

Mark Reynolds / UNM IT Networks


How Smart Technologies are providing efficiencies in connected assets for cities, buildings and universities. Covering building management, energy, security, life safety, access, lighting in support of the ecosystem.

Practical Paranoia Security Essentials

Marc Mintz / Mintz Infotech, Inc. / UNM Continuing Education


In a year, 500 million credit card data are stolen; over 5 million smartphones lost or stolen; 1 out of 3 computers are infected with malware; over 7 billion internet accounts breached; 758 million cyber-attacks occur. Join Albuquerque business owner and author of “Practical Paranoia Security Essentials” books in this fast-paced session to learn where you, your devices, and your information (bank account, credit card, email, password) are vulnerable and how to ensure your security and privacy.

See Your Space in a Different Light

Cheryl Arment / Epson America


Epson America offers a vast solution of technologies that allow you to transform your colleges and universities into a digital work of art. Please join the New Mexico Higher Education team in an enlightening conversation about how to transform your college spaces into unique visual experiences.

Simplified Classroom and Collaboration Technology

Rob Christensen / Crestron Electronics


Discover the value of rooms standards and why UNM chose Crestron to develop high quality, repeatable classroom systems that are easy to use, scalable and cost effective. Learn about the latest wireless presentation solutions and how scheduling rooms is now easier than ever before. Simple, low cost, no programming systems are more exciting now than ever before and can be managed with the same tools as traditional Crestron solutions.

STC.UNM and the Lobo Rainforest Ecosystem

Lisa Kuuttila / STC.UNM


Lisa Kuuttila, CEO & Chief Economic Development Officer of STC.UNM, the University’s technology-transfer and economic-development organization, will give an overview of the history, programs, events, and resources offered to UNM staff and faculty through its Lobo Rainforest Ecosystem. STC has spun out more than 129 startup companies based on STEM technologies developed by staff and faculty at UNM, and these technologies are being commercialized by some of STC’s most successful companies.

Talent Management – Developing an Internal Talent Pipeline

Shirley Alexander, Bonnie Minkus-Holmes / UNM IT & EOD


The workforce is an organization’s most valuable resource and there is a constant demand for IT skills. To meet the changing staffing needs of Information Technology, how do we attract and retain a well-trained, diverse and highly skilled workforce? How do we cultivate professional development of our staff? Talent management is an ongoing business strategy and commitment of an organization to recruit, hire, develop and retain the most talented employees.

The Benefits of Aruba’s Mobile First Architecture for UNM

Chris Rossi, John Duran / Aruba


Secure, mobile and IoT ready - over 2500 universities, including UNM, deploy Aruba solutions to provide faculty, students and guests with a great networking experience in the most challenging environments – from dorm rooms, lecture halls, research labs and sports venues. Come learn how Aruba Networks is prepared to support UNM with our next generation campus architecture.

UNM Wireless Updates

Adiel Sanchez, Jill Hendren / UNM IT Data Networks


Current status of the continued efforts to improve wireless coverage on campus, and wireless authentication.

Women Mentoring Women

Barbara Lopez / PNM Resources


Barbara Lopez has been in IT over 25 years in virtually every area including software development, testing, architecture, security, infrastructure, project management and strategic planning having numerous leadership roles in applications, service desk, desktop technologies, telecommunications, security, and data center operations. We’ll talk about the vital role that mentoring plays in personal and professional growth and how transformational women in technology succeed by supporting each other.

Zoom as an Enterprise Service

Dean Bernardone / UNM IT Academic Technologies


Zoom is a cost effective, easy-to-use, and reliable replacement for expensive hardware based video conferencing solutions. With the UNM Zoom Enterprise Subscription now in place, Zoom is available to all staff and faculty. We will demonstrate the features and functionality of Zoom, with particular emphasis on improvements to authentication and privacy protections available with the enterprise service, and discuss the process for consolidating existing licenses into the enterprise version.